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Purchase & Delivery Agreement

When Items are ordered it can easily take 1-8 weeks for items to arrive, in rare cases sometimes longer. All time frames stated are an estimate and not a guaranteed arrival time. Our team does it’s best to provide rough arrival times, but due to the nature of the furniture industry, we can not accurately give exact guarantees. Although a majority of the time, our lead times are very accurate, unexpected delays are frequent. Sensitive situations should be brought to our teams attention before any order is placed so we can serve you best. Weather, production back-ups, and parts held in supply chain are frequent variables in the logistics of large and heavy objects such as furniture. Please ask a team member for more details if desired.

Once items are ordered, they are non-cancelable. In the rare case a cancellation is permitted, it will be subject to a restocking & service fee. This fee is set at 30% of the total purchase, including any services. This is due to the devotion our team gives each and every order. Ordering a sofa, mattress, or other piece of furniture is a much more involved process than many may think. Every time an item is ordered, it sets a large series of events into motion, generally across multiple facilities. These fees are required to provide the prices we do at Furniture Express. Fees are able to be mitigated if store credit is chosen as an option to resolve an unexpected issue.

Economy delivery can take significantly more time than an expedited delivery. Economy delivery will have a time provided to the guest, and not as much flexibility as to the date & time of the delivery compared to expedited options. Economy deliveries are routed into routes, and it is up to the guest to make time to provide entry or have someone available to receive the curbside service. Economy deliveries are a 1 time delivery, so items will not be expedited out for delivery until all items have arrived, and provide for a 1 stop fulfillment. If a guests delivery is missed, a re-delivery charge may be charged. Delivery fees are non-refundable, and if you miss your delivery, a re-delivery charge will be applied for each trip our team attempts to deliver the goods.

The delivery service we provide is placement only of the furniture ordered from Furniture Express, and any additional labor or work will be charged before the work is provided. Guest agrees to have a clear path to where the item is being delivered. Driveways, entry areas, or anywhere our team is expected to operate must be shoveled, clean of debris, and safe for our team to work. All fragile or breakable items must be removed through any delivery path, and will not be done by our team. The Furniture Express team is not liable or responsible for items damaged that are not removed from the delivery path. If our team deems the situation to be unacceptable for any reason, it is 100% at the discretion of the Furniture Express team, and we reserve the right to refuse the delivery with no refund. Any re-delivery will be subject to another delivery charge. Any long process, interesting scenario, or possible complication should be communicated at time of order, and not at time of delivery. We reserve the right to refuse or deny delivery if these complications arise upon delivery, of which may jeopardize our scheduling, impact other orders, or put our team in a situation they feel not acceptable for the safety of the items being delivered or themselves.

If guest picks items up and decides to deliver their items themselves, Furniture Express is not liable or accountable for damage discovered after the item leaves the loading zone. It is advised multiple able-bodied hands aid in the self-delivery process. This includes the loading process. Furniture Express can not guarantee abled body loaders during all hours of operation, and delivery is highly recommended. This way items are handled exclusively by professional delivery handlers.