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Local Artists


Furniture Express is starting a new program as of 2019 for local artists to be featured, in-store, online, or both. The team at Furniture Express is excited to extend it's web development, marketing, and retail background to the local communities that make Furniture Express a great company.

Are you a local artist? - Sign Up Below!

Web Development - Any Budget

One of the coolest parts of being a Furniture Express Affiliate is the access to our web design studio for very affordable rates. We can help you implement your own online store for a small fee, or feature your products on our online catalog for free.

Plans for your own website starting as low as $29 / month! Lite versions even as low as $9 / month. Start Now

Your Own Website, Ours, or Both?

We find the more exposure your craft gets the better it will sell.

Your website makes a statement and is highly recommended as one becomes more established. It's easy for your customers and friends to buy directly through you!

Our website offers hundreds, if not thousands, of online users a day, seamlessly integrated with all their favorite outlets. We highly recommend having your items featured on our website, but it is optional. The best part is it is free for affiliates.

What can our team do?

We have spent a significant amount of time developing our own platform, and have a team proficient in building a website or application to your specification. We employ a full stack developer, electrical engineer, and marketing graduates. Let us put this team to use for your craft!

  • Integrate POS retail with Websites
  • Data migrations or data entry
  • Design & build - hardware & software!
  • Marketing & design

You can start playing today by starting your 14 day trial: Start Your Own Website Now! Just be sure to contact us before starting your project or getting too far. We have best practices and methods to a tee, and can save you a lot of time getting started.

We can also build you a website first and present it to you! We have mastered themes, templates, and can add components of which are easy to edit with little to no technical knowledge. 

Featured In-Store - Catalog or Display Model

This is a great way to get your work exposed to countless guests in the furniture, bedding, crafts, and decor industries. Furniture Express is a high traffic, fast velocity, low overhead model that makes products more easily accessible to guests.

Take advantage of our store fronts to help get your craft in front of a wide audience. Our storefronts have two major ways of providing exposure; a catalog or an actual display model. Depending on your craft, one may make more or less sense.

Catalog Display

Catalog displays are more affordable and require less work provided for exposure. They are also a great way to allow our guests to see other items, types, or options you may have if items are displayed in one of our showrooms.

  • Great for build to order crafts.
  • Great way to complement displayed items.
  • Great for showing previous work.

Showroom Display Model

This is highly recommended, as nothing seems to speak better than the work itself. This allows our guests to see your crafts first hand, and potentially buy them immediately. It also allows our Guest Service Agents to get to know your work and potentially tell your story to our guests! 

  • Amazing store hours ~ 10 hours a day.
  • Emphasize your craft to active shoppers.
  • Allow them to take the item same day.
  • Experienced GSA's on hand.