Executive Discount

This discount is an exclusive discount benefit offered to only the most exclusive executives and leaders in partnership with Furniture Express and their mission. Details are categorized below. Please contact us with any questions.


Discount Benefit 

65% OFF of the Furniture Express sale price. Please view the list of included collections to see which collections are currently included at this exclusive 65% OFF price. This price factors to be about 80& OFF of larger competitors, national chains, or our Regular Price. See chart below.

Markdown Name

Price Sold


 FEX Regular Price


No Markdown

Furniture Express (FEX) On Sale Price


60% OFF Reg. Price

Applied 65% OFF Sale Price (Executive Price)


79% OFF Reg Price

These price breakdowns are only approximate price breakdowns.


Included Collections

These are the current collections included for our executive discount, we hope to include more collections as time goes on and we build strong partnerships.


Issuance & Usage

This exclusive discount is offered on a single use card that holds a unique code for use one time online or in-store. This code can only be used once, and only on a single order. If a second order is to be placed, a second executive discount code must be presented for each order.

Disclaimer & Limitations

This discount can not be combined with any other coupon, sale, or deal. Furniture Express has the right to change, revoke, discontinue, or cancel any discount issued or provided. This included before or after a purchase has been made, Furniture Express can cancel any order at any time, prices not guaranteed