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Department Training - Mattresses

Mattress Sizes:

Mattress Warranties:

Pro-Rated: The warranty will diminish over time, and the credit given for replacement in the case of a manufacturer defect will be proportional to the age of the item. 
Non-Prorated: Despite age, full warranty credit is given to an item if defect is found and accepted for return credit by manufacturer.

Mattress Firmness/softness:

Firm -

Plush -

Pillowtop (Eurotop) -

Foundations & Bases:

Regular -
Low Profile -
Adjustable -
Split Queen Option -
King Always Split -

Comfort Core:

All Foam -
Innerspring -
Pocketed Coil -

Edge Support:

Lack of Edge Support -
Foam Encasement - 
Enhanced Coil Edge -
Quantum Coil - 

Comfort Layers:

Convoluted Foam
Avena Foam - 
Memory Foam
Gel Infused Memory Foam


Tic - The fabric covering a mattress, sometimes specialty tics available.
Enhancing Tics

Current Brands:

Restonic - 
Sierra Sleep by Ashley -
Symbol -

Complementary Product:

Frames -
Mattress Protectors -
Mattress Pads -
Pillows -
Sheets -
Straps -
Advanced Warranty -

Guest Assistance:

Greet Guest -
Interrogate - 
Comp. Products -
Rest Test -
Basic Guidance -
Space -
Close -
Comp. Products

Mattress Shipping Schedules:

Symbol - Order by Wed. arrived following Wed. Thursday.
Restonic - Order by Mon. - Tues. arrives following Mon. - Tues
Sierra Sleep by Ashley - Ships Ashley trucks, check Ashley direct.