Furniture Express Launches Hermantown Store

Duluth, MN - October 3rd, 2016 - Furniture Express, a new way to order furniture in-store or online comes to Hermantown, MN. Starting out of a garage in early 2016, the small company grew to a warehouse location in West Duluth by June of 2016. Primarily selling sofas and mattresses for much less than any local competitor, the small company grew. The small West Duluth warehouse would not be able to house the large operation planned for Hermantown. The new space includes more loading docks, and 10 times the space found in West Duluth.

Hermantown will be the primary location for the expanding company for 1 year until the retail climates unfold. The company does have plans for multiple store in the surrounding area. Furniture Express is defiantly a company to watch in the coming years. Exemplifying quality guest service, clean showrooms, no extra amenities to drive prices up allowing for the best prices anywhere!
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