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Why you should rotate your mattress regularly

Hey guys, Mr. Mattress here, your blogging mattress expert. I've been in the business for decades now, and one of the most common questions or most forgotten aspect of mattress ownership is mattress rotation. What is mattress rotation? Why does it matter, should I be doing it, and does type of bed I have or am purchasing matter? All valid questions, all with unique answers depending on the mattress. Let's take a look at this popular question.


Types of Rotation: Spin or Flip?

First let's investigate the two primary ways one can rotate a mattress. First one can spin the mattress leaving the sleep surface facing up and spinning it in a 180 degree fashion. This is used for single sided mattresses, as well as used commonly in pair with our second type of rotation.

Second one can flip a mattress so the sleeping surface is facing the base after the flip. This is only used in double sided or flippable mattresses. With these types of mattresses, it is also recommended to spin the mattress as well as flip to maximize the consistency of the ware of the mattress.

Why are we rotating the mattress?

The concept of even ware can be compared to always sitting on the same sofa cushion and neglecting the others. If one exclusively uses one seat on a sofa and never sit on the other cushions, it can often be noticed within months after purchase. This is why most sofa manufacturers recommend the rotation of cushions if a seat is prefered. The product breaks in and wares evenly maximizing the life and keeping the appearance and feel consistent. 

It takes time for any product to rightfully break into maximum comfortability as well, similar to shoes. New shoes are often too stiff and semi uncomfortable for the first few days after purchase, but quickly break into a more comfortable feel. After breaking in, the life of the product can normally be enjoyed for a very long time after. The process of breaking in does not mean that the shoes are defective. It is very well accepted that shoes will break in over the first days and weeks of use, and much longer use is expected after the initial stages of ware.

How frequently should one be rotating their mattress?

In order for your mattress to break in evenly it is almost always recommended that you flip and rotate your mattress more frequently right after purchase. This isn't just recommended, it is normally highly recommended by the manufacturer and may even cost you a warranty exchange.


Where can I find information about my mattress?

Well, first, a good place to start is consult with your mattress store, or the mattress manufacturer. Every mattress is built different, and the ket is to understand what is expected as a consumer to get the best experience if you ultimately want to have the best experience.

Mattresses you don't rotate.

Waterbeds are one mattress that are not designed for rotation, as water really flows and does not need even ware. ANother type could be a Sleep Number, I'm sure with the way the mattress is designed, it's not made to be roasted. 

Here is some generic information I know from working in the industry for years. Normally it is recomended to rotate your mattress, or rotate and flip a new mattress every 1 to 2 weeks for the first few months after purchase, possibly up to 6 months after purchase. than after, rotate and or flip every 3 to 6 months. 


My Experiences

I have had many different brands and types of beds in my life. I have never owned one that has not required rotation. When I rotate the mattress, it normally feels like a brand new mattress. It's the easiest way to feel like purchasing a new bed every few weeks to few months.